Dry hyperbaric welding (welding underwater in a dry environment) is the preferred solution where requirements dictate high quality welds, usually to Class.

DCN is able to provide clients a full range of services from the Procedure Qualification through to the Production Welds, including:

  • Hyperbaric welding and testing facility in the Netherlands
  • Engineering – procedures for weld qualification
  • Fabrication and design of habitats and the fit out to client requirements
  • Existing habitats to fit most applications and pipeline diameters
  • Qualified personnel and equipment to undertake production welds offshore

Hyperbaric Testing Facility 

DCN operates its fully-fledged Hyperbaric Testing Facility in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. Hyperbaric welding environments at pressures of up to 190m can be simulated at the facility, which is one of the few in the world. We are able provide a complete hyperbaric welding service from welder prequalification routines (PQR) to offshore environment simulation and production of test welds. A 3-phase process underpins our hyperbaric welding services:

  • Design, engineering and fabrication
  • PQR and welder coding
  • Weld execution and certification by class