The Bison, Iguana and Gajah Puteri Development Project included;

  • Drilling of the 3 (three) wells with their associated subsea trees,
  • New subsea pipelines, manifolds and isolation valve structures,
  • New umbilical and subsea control system,
  • Brownfield modifications required for the existing facilities to receive the production from the three new fields.

In addition to Bison, Iguana and Gajah Puteri development above, DCN Diving replaced existing 8” flexible riser at Anoa FPSO turret for a like-for-like flexible riser replacement. This replacement is intended to increase the integrity and reliability of the liquid line system at Anoa FPSO.


DCN SOW: SAT (Single and Twin Bell at Split Level depths) + Air + Work Class ROV Support + Flexible Pipeline installation

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