Cergas Manpower Supply

We are thrilled to announce that Cergas Manpower Supply has joined the DCN Diving group of Companies and is now part of the DCN family! A game-changer in the realm of local and international recruitment, via processing and human resource management!

Based in Malaysia, Cergas has been providing the oil and gas industry, as well as the subsea sector, with highly skilled and trained labour force for projects on oil rigs, offshore platforms, and onshore. Their vision aligns perfectly with ours at DCN Diving, to maintain uncompromising standards of safety and quality in our operations.

Global Reach – With a vast network spanning multiple countries, Cergas is capable of sourcing the right talent, wherever they may be.

Quality Workforce – Cergas employs a rigorous screening process to ensure only the most qualified candidates are selected.

People-Centric – Cergas believes in the potential of people. They are committed to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth and development.

Visa Processing – One of the unique selling points of Cergas is their efficiency in managing visa processing. They streamline the often complex and time-consuming process, ensuring a smoother transition for international employees.

Innovative Solutions – In the face of ever-changing workforce needs, Cergas has proven its capability to adapt and innovate. They offer flexible, forward-thinking solutions to complex HR issues.

Rapid Response – In an industry where time is of the essence, Cergas excels at providing quick and efficient manpower solutions, ensuring projects stay on track.

With Cergas Manpower Supply now a valuable part of the DCN group of Companies, we are stronger and better equipped than ever to meet the demands of our industry, while ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff.


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