With over 60 years of experience in civil activities such as underwater concreting, grouting operations, tunneling, caissons, sluice maintenance, DCN sets itself apart from its competitors and always aims for a high quality service. With over 6mln m3 of underwater concrete poured, and high-end projects such as the Markthal, Quensferry Crossing, Expansion Suez Canal, DCN is one of the top players in the world to provide these services. Apart from these high-end projects, DCN is also involved in day-to-day maintenance and repair of inshore constructions such as sluices, intakes, sewages, dams and much more. DCN has a fleet of 15 Diving busses ready to go and can accomodate its clients in a matter of hours. 

Inspection and or Repair on Vessel Needed Call us 24/7