COVID-19 Self Assessment

Due to outbreak of COVID-19 and the mitigating measures DCN Diving put in place to prevent further spreading of the disease, DCN introduces the online self assessment tool (refer to Self Asessment from IMCA D06-20). This self-assessment is important information for the company to take appropriate actions to protect yourself as employee/subcontractor and personnel working within DCN.

The Self Assessment will be send to DCN Head of Crewing and QSHE Manager and will not distributed any further. Please refer to the privacy policy at the bottom of the page, for further information on DCN personal data management.

With filling in below form the applicant declares on honour that he/she will answer the below questions correct to his/her full knowledge.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you are classified as a higher COVID-19 transmission risk. That doesn’t mean that you have or will contract the disease, however it does means that you have to seek for further medical screening before you can enter DCN’s sites.