DCN Diving has entered a long term charter with Solstad Offshore for the DP-2 dive support vessel ‘Normand Baltic’ for subsea duty offshore Middle East and Asia.

The vessel is expected to be delivered to DCN Diving promptly.

It will be mobilised with a 9 man classed saturation diving system and twin LARS air diving system. There is the option to add work class or observation class ROV.

The ‘Normand Baltic’ is fitted with a 100-ton heave compensated crane and has exceptional position keeping capability. The vessel will perform inspection, repair, and maintenance as well as saturation diving for construction support, ongoing field maintenance and call-out repair.

DCN Diving chartered the vessel last year to support a landmark hyperbaric welding project on a live gas pipeline in Indonesia. The company anticipates sustained demand for subsea services in Asia and the Middle East.

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