DCN Diving (previously Vriens Diving) was contracted by PCCP for the underwater sealing of hydro power dam cracks. The crack developed between two dilatation joints and increase and decrease due to temperature changes. Therefore a flexible membrane was used for sealing.

DCN Diving conducted the initial inspection and developed a multi-purpose drilling machine. For the purpose of anchor drilling at specific locations. The drilling template was located at several positions to finalize drilling and anchoring. Sacrificial membrane was prepared at top-side, purpose is the protection of the top layer for being hurt of protrusions of concrete or nibling by concrete under temperature changes. Divers then conducted drilling, gluing, grinding and placing of all parameter anchors. The template is then prepared for the top layer together with the batting strips for installation. To create a good seal a neoprene strip is installed. Stainless steel protection covers were installed to protect the template from floating debris and uv light from the sun.

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