DCN provides specialist dredging services worldwide. The services range from removal of small amounts of sediment at coolwater intakes, sluices, offshore assets till large amounts of sediment at reservoirs. 


DCN is the owner of various diver operated dredge equipment such as airlifts, sludge pumps. But also develops purpose-built dredging systems such as the Willem V which is an airlifting dredger which can dredge up to 150 meters of waterdepth and cobmination dredgers of pumping system and grabber as provided in sketch on the left. 

A Few Key Projects

Suez Canal

DCN Diving was contracted by Concord for the installment of installation shafts for Ismalia tunnel which goes under the Suez Canal. 12.000m3 was dredged in order to install these shafts.

Gepatsch Speicher

A purpose built Dredging system was mobilized at an altitude of 1750meters at the Gepatsch Hydro Power Dam in Austtria. Dredging at a depth of 110 meters with the use of an airlift system. Total dredging volume was 50.000m3.

Quensferry Bridge

Dredging of sediment for the provision of installation of the new Quensferry Bridge in Scotland. Airlifting techniques were utlized to remove sediment from the bridge supports. Air Divers were involved to support the Air Lifting operation.

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