GSP  was awarded the project “Construction of the Dzhubga-Lazarevskoye-Sochi Pipeline (offshore option) with the goal of increasing productivity”, located in the North-Eastern part of the Black Sea. The main purpose of this pipeline was to increase gas supply for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. During the installation the pipeline got buckled. An urgent repair was required in order to provide the Olympics with the appropriate gas supply.

DCN was contracted by GSP in 2012 to carry out PQR for Welder & Procedure qualifications, which was undertaken in DCN’s facility and to Design a habitat that could seal off on the piggy bag system and to conduct the hyperbaric weld offshore. A full mock-up took place of the habitat and a dummy pipe. The Habitat Welding Spread was mobilized on the DSV GSP Prince and the installation of the habitat and the hyperbaric weld was completed within schedule and budget.

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