EPZ Safety Awards 2022

DCN Diving is proud to announce that it has won the EPZ 2022 Safety Awards. DCN has won this award for its high level of safety performance and professionalism during the subsea maintenance and inspection activities at the coolwater intakes. DCN is conducting underwater inspection and maintenance activities at the Zeeland power plant since the early 80s and is delighted and thankful towards EPZ that it has received this award. 

DCN will donate half of the prize (3000 euros) to the Diabetes Fonds (Diabetes Fund) and in particular to Team Frenkie!

On October 2021,1.5-year-old Frenkie was diagnosed with diabetes 1. Which has a huge impact on his life and does on many other kids and adults around the world. The impact of this condition is greatly underestimated, therefore we want to raise awareness.

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