Gepatsch Speicher Austria Project

The works started with commissioning and mobilizing Airlift Dredging System and dredge sediment in front of the trash racks. The amount of sediment that was dredges was monitored with survey equipment.


Once the dredging was completed the following scope consisted of:

  • Mobilization of Sat 03 system (8man, 3man bell, HRC) to Kauntertal and set-up on pontoons including 100t Mobile Crane
  • Removal of covers emergency lock niches and trash racks by diver
  • Installation of New guide frame and gate
  • Installation of new trash rack towers
  • Underwater concreting of 450m3 at 110msw water depth
  • Removal of Ice Protection Roof
  • Installation of new guide Frame at top bottom outlet.
  • Installation of slope protection
  • Removal of movable trash rack
  • Final cleaning
  • Installation of Injection System and rebar net
  • Pouring of final underwater concrete 500m3
  • Demobilization of all equipment



Project Brochure
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