Project Description

NSENGI (Main Contractor) was contracted by TOA Oil (Operator/Client) to replace KKSB Pipeline PLEM. DCN was contracted by Fugro (Diving Subontractor) to conduct the following Scope:
✓ All Welding and Habitat installation related engineering
✓ Providing Hyperbaric Welding
✓ Spread and Hyperbaric Welding Team
✓ WPQT in Hyperbaric Welding Centre Bergen op Zoom
✓ Conduct the Production Weld Subsea

Project Background

The PLEM from TOA Oil was connected to an SBM. Due to an anchor drag the PLEM was damaged. The pipeline has been put out of service and the PLEM has been removed by a Japanese contractor.

The existing pipeline was constructed  in  1969.  During inspection some small indentations  (approx.  0.5mm depth)  due  to corrosion  were found in the internal surface of existing pipe. Although initial wall thickness of the pipe was 13mm or more, the effective thickness may be approximately 12mm or 11mm at this  moment.

A sample of existing pipe was recovered from the seabed and used for the WPQT was still 13mm thick.

Project Overview
Project:Hyperbaric Welding Project Japan 2018
Location:NL Bergen op Zoom (Trials)

JP Tokyo Bay (Offshore Execution)

Operator:Toa Oil
Main Contractor:NSENGI
Diving Contractor:Fugro Japan
Subcontractor:DCN Diving
Pipe diameter:40 inch
Depth:35-40 meters
Welding Method:Full GTAW
Inspection and or Repair on Vessel Needed Call us 24/7