As an EPIC contractor, DCN ensures your project gets completed through seamless integration of expertise.

We have a range of in-house engineering expertise including offshore, civils and corrosion engineers.

While some of the needs of our customers have become a well-trodden path, newer technologies call for different, innovative thinking to satisfy their complex demands. Whatever the challenge, we will meet it through our diverse wealth of expertise, vessels and specialist equipment. If standard solutions fit the bill, we’ll deploy them. If your task calls for a new line of thinking, we’ll work it out. Including conceiving and engineering all the necessary tools.

DCN also provides project site engineers who assist the client with the development of procedures, project management and on-site engineering support for more complex projects.

Some examples of DCN’s innovative engineering include the development of our:

Remotely Operated Cleaning Machine (ROCM)

Designed as the ideal platform for cleaning and removal of sea debris and sediment from inside cooling water intake pipelines, culverts, outfalls and sewer pipes. Debris is removed by hydraulically operated brushes and is then pumped to a discharge location. The ROCM is mounted on tracks and controlled from the surface.

Self Propelled Habitat

Provides a platform for diving operations inside cooling water intake pipelines, culverts, outfalls and sewer pipes. The system moves itself on 8 wheels and is driven by four self-contained water/hydraulic motors with state of the art life support gas and communication facilities to ensure maximum manoeuvrability, safety and effectiveness.

The habitat is operated either from the surface or by the divers from inside the habitat control room. This concept allows divers to work safely over long distances in confined spaces.