DCN operates a fully-equipped Hyperbaric Testing Facility in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. Hyperbaric welding environments at pressures of up to 190m can be simulated at the facility, which is one of the few in the world. Welder coding and procedure qualification can be undertaken at the centre.

The completely separated welding chamber is suitable for welding and testing with a working pressure of up to 200 meter. The atmospheric conditions, for example humidity, can be completely adjusted to the requirements of any specific project. The facility has practically no size limitations: it is designed to test pipes with a maximum diameter of 48 inches.

The testing space is a safe environment to work with polyesters, glues and patching mortars, which are forbidden to evaporate in open air. The test center is not only used for welding, but also for the testing of welding robots, ROV’s, diving systems, control systems, hydraulic motors and kink arms.

This hyperbaric facility now also makes it possible for DCN, international operators, contractors, cable manufacturers and classification societies to train divers and welders, without having to incur the huge costs that result from working offshore. The facility even offers clients the opportunity to have their divers complete a competence assessment under pressure, to determine whether they have the qualifications and experience required for a certain job. In the welding chamber 2 to 3 divers can work at the same time however, they must be qualified to work at 200 meters.

The Hyperbaric Testing Facility includes a separate control room and saturation diving chamber, with living accommodation including shower and laundry facilities.

Hyperbaric Testing Facility Specifications:

  • 200m Depth rated
  • 280m Test pressure rated
  • Insert pipes up to 72’’
  • Humidity control
  • Fume Extraction
  • Training facility for divers
  • Hyperbaric medical treatment facility>
  • Living accommodation

The facility is suitable for:

Welding simulation
Moulding simulation
Pressure Testing