Hyperbaric Test Centre

DCN Diving has its own hyperbaric testing facility, situated in Bergen op Zoom Netherlands.

This system is used for qualifications of Welding Procedures, Diver welders. But it is also used as a testing facility for equipment such as valves.

The systems has the following specifications:

  • Lloyds Certified
  • 8 man saturation system
  • 200 meter depth rated
  • Work Chamber that can accommodate a 48”pipe
  • Life Support Units

Offshore Habitat Systems

DCN has various offshore habitat systems which can be operated at a maximum depth of 300 meters. These systems are modified according to the project specifications and environmental conditions such as the soil compound of the seabed.

The system is placed over a subsea asset. Afterwards the system is sealed and dewatered, where the divers can work in the dry, which improves quality of the work tremendously, especially welds with a high difficulty rating.

General specifications of the systems are:

  • DNV-GL certified as Portable Offshore Units
  • Can accommodate 4”-48” diameter pipeline
  • 300msw rated
  • Safe haven facility with 72 hrs of back-up gas
  • Provided with a habitat control unit

Wet Welding

DCN has an in-house wet testing centre and a comprehensive track record for Wet Welding Projects.

Wet welding procedures are developed in house by qualified In-House Welding Engineers and Diver Welders are qualified according the relevant standard in the Wet Test Centre, including the Welding Procedure. Once the desctructive and non desctructive tests are successfully completed, the qualified divers and equipment/material completes the weld subsea.