Several ROV-systems and well experienced IMCA Certified ROV-pilots 

The SAAB Seaeye Cougar XT Compact is a (Class II Observation Class) -1000 meter Rated ROV, with Launch And Recovery System and Tether Management System.

This ROV is standard equipped with the Blueview M900 2D-Sonar for the harsh environment in the North Sea, and can be equipped with: Manipulator, Heavy Duty Cutting Skid with job-specific Cutters, Waterjet, or Cleaningbrush.

Further a variety of Sensors, like Flooded Member Detectors, Pipetrackers, Multibeams, CP-probes, UT-Probes or CT-Probes can be applied.

The SAAB Seaeye Falcon DR is a free flying (Class I Observation Class) -1000 meter Rated ROV, which is primarily intended for pure observation, although is it capable of handling additional sensors.