DCN Diving was contracted by Comol5 for the hyperbaric works of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

The TBM was used for boring a new tunnel as part of the Rijnlandroute. This is a new road link between Katwijk, via the A44 motorway, and the A4 motorway near Leiden. The new route is constructed to strengthen the economics of the region and investing in the accessibility and liveability of the area.

The TBM is a slow-moving 100 metres long factory that simultaneously excavates the soil and builds the tunnel tube. The machine consists of a drilling head with an excavation and work chamber. Behind the drilling head are the four trailers with the control cabin and all electrical and hydraulic installations. On the head of the drill, at the front, is the digging wheel. With this wheel the TBM scrapes away layers of soil. The hyperbaric works took place in the excavation and workchamber.

For more information about the Rijnlandroute, please click here.

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