Hydro Power Dams

Hydro Power Dam Operations

DCN Diving has over 60 year experience in maintenance and repair activities of hydro power dams. With specialist dredge equipment, dry space solutions (such as habitats and cofferdams), deep dive equipment and in-house engineering, DCN can offer the full range of services to our clients. 

The Services

DCN provides the complete package for hydro powerdam services, which include:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Survey 
  • Sediment Removal / Dredging
  •  Stop/Log Installation
  • Plug Fabrication and Installation
  • Deep Diving (Saturation Diving)

A Few Key Projects

Roseires Dam

Installation of a 250T Bulkhead in order to conduct rehabilitation works at downstream side of the bulkhead. The bulkhead consisted of 18 sections and was 12 meters wide and 18 meters high. DCN Diving was awarded this project from Engineering and Fabrication of the bulkhead till installation and rehabilitation of the intake.

Gepatsch Speicher

DCN Diving was contracted by TIWAG to dredge in front of the spill gates and to install new trashrack system including pouring of underwater concrete at 110msw depth in front of the spillway system. A saturation diving system and Airlift dredging system was mobilized and set-up at the reservoir at 1750m altitude.

Peares Dam

DCN Diving was contracted to design, engineer, fabricate, install plug bulkheads at a depth of 85 meters. In order to allow for Civil Maintenance. After this was successfully completed to plugs were successfully removed.

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