Underwater Concreting

Underwater Concreting

DCN Diving is well known for its underwater concreting. With over 60 years of experience in the industry and with this particular service, DCN has developed patented technologies in order to increase efficiency of the underwater concreting process. DCN’s technology has been used at various projects, such as familiar installments as the Markthal in Rotterdam, expansion Schiphol Airport, expansion Munich Airport, BENLUX tunnel expansion various major sluices and many, many others. DCN has poured over 6 million m3 of concrete over the last 60 years and still counting. 

The Services

DCN provides the complete package for underwater concreting services, which include:

  • Consultancy
  • Preparation of procedures
  • Excavation
  • Site preparation
  • Pouring of concrete and site dewatering after concrete placement
  • Dive support throughout the operation
  • Final inspection 
  • In addition, DCN advises on and adapts pouring equipment to suit various applications of underwater concrete such as filling, armoured, longwearing, colloidal, injection, steel fibre and grout concrete.

Management of Services

Execution of a successful underwater concreting project all comes down to properly coordinating the activities as many parties are involved and efficiency is key. DCN is well experienced in managing all the various parties who are involved during this process. 


A Few Key Projects


Underwater support and concreting for Markthal, one of Rotterdam’s major developments involving a parking garage, a market hall and apartments. DCN Poured over 14,000m3 of underwater concrete

Gepatsch Speicher

Refurbishment of Gepatsch speicher dam. Part of this refurbishment was to pour concrete in front of the intake. A record was set with pouring 500m3 at a depth of 110 meters.

Liefkenshoek Railway

Underwater support and concreting for a new railway tunnel under the River Scheldt in Antwerp. DCN poured over 40,000m3 of underwater concrete (including 17,000m3 steel fibre concrete) in two layers.
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